PETAK / 16.09.2016 / 11:00

Otočani, klimatske promjene i migracije: teorija i praksa

Presentation abstract

Low-lying islands are said to be amongst the regions most needing to prepare for migration linked to climate change, with many initiatives currently ongoing in islands of Alaska, Kiribati, and Maldives. Without denying such potential as well as current examples where it is happening, much of the discourse is not always placed within wider and deeper understandings of migration and non-migration, especially from the non-climate change scientific literature. Instead, both scientists and the media frequently repeat uncritically notions of disappearing islands, climate (change) refugees, and climate change caused disasters, despite nuances, subtleties, complexities, and provisos which pervade choices and lack of choices for islander migration and non-migration. The keys for understanding the reality of climate change, islanders, and migration tends to be resources and choices to make decisions rather than climate change as an inevitable and sole forcer of population movements. Without denying the major challenges which climate change brings to many islanders, more grounded discussions are needed in the context of the climate change and migration nexus.