PREDAVAČ Marco Imperadori

Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italija



Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano, holder of the chair of Design and Technology Innovation at the Faculty of Architecture Urban Planning and Construction Engineering (AUIC).
He is Delegate of the Rector for Far East.
PhD in Building Technologies he has published books and articles in magazines in Italy and abroad, where he is invited for seminars and conferences on issues of sustainability, innovation and energy saving. He represents Politecnico di Milano in the European research networks Active House Alliance and Android for Building Resilience and post disaster reconstruction.
He founded the architecture office Atelier2 (Valentina Gallotti and Marco Imperadori Associates) in Milan where he has worked from 1999 till 2016. The results of experimental research are constantly reviewed and applied in design practice, which has earned several awards and mentions, both national and international.