ČETVRTAK / 15.09.2016 / 10:00

Izloženost Jugu – praktični mediteranizam u vrijeme globalne mobilnosti

Southern Exposure, Northern Imagination – Being Mediterraneanized in the Age of Global Mobility

This presentation seeks to explore the intersections between connotations of the Mediterranean in popular imaginings, and the notion of ‘’being mediterraneanized’’ in contemporary cultural practices. Based on a field research on several locations throughout Croatian Dalmatian coast (Olib, Hvar, Pelješac) and interviews with individuals that settled on the Mediterranean shores in search of the Mediterranean sun, this presentation re-thinks the images of the Mediterranean that triggered the Southern Exposure: the notions of the time that stands still, the unspoiled nature and contemplative solitude. By taking into account the interplay between the hegemonic discourses that made ‘’the arts of doing nothing’’ a Mediterranean reality, we wish to question the realities that perpetuate the northern visions of the South, but also stir and reshape them due to practical experience. Whether it is a question of ‘’practical Mediterraneanism’’ (cf. Herzfeld 2005:45-63), the ‘’Mediterranean passion’’ (Pemble 1987), the ‘’Seduction of the Mediterranean’’ (Aldrich 1993), or perhaps literary ‘’Southern Horrors’’ (cf. Bonifas & Monacelli 2013), the metaphorical transformations made us re-think the commonly perceived imaginations of the South. In the time of deterritorialization, or as Arjun Appadurai notes, in the time of post-blur blur (1994:51), when the notions of culture, space and identity have uprooted from their traditional scenery they have been staged on, the case of ‘’being Mediterraneanized’’ opens a numerous questions on the notions of diasporic identities and belongings, temporal and experiential perspectives, multiplicity of imaginations.