The 4. Anatomy of an Island ended

On Saturday, September 26th 2015, ended the 4th Anatomy of an Island. Students presented their projects. At the symposium participated 30 lecturers. On the workshop participated 32 students with 8 mentors.
Students suggested seven new interventions on Vis. With 16 projects from last years, we have 23 creative suggestions in total. Their future depends on enthusiasts who want to contribute more and extend the potential for tourism.
Tetsuo Kondo, japanese architect, held a brief lecture introducing his projects. T. Kondo won one of the awords on Venetian biennale 2010.
Anatomy of an Island - centre for research and development, is feeling grateful to all lecturers, students, mentors and all participants of the symposium and workshop. To all co-organizers and donators and Town of Vis – the sponsor. Special thanks to „Provislo“, and high school students from Vis who prepared delicious sweets typical for Vis gastronomy and University of VERN' who helped to organise this year „Anatomy of an Island“.

„Anatomy of an Island“ team