Anatomy of Islands – Centre for Research and Development

The founders and members of the association "Anatomy of Islands – Centre for Research and Development" have come together to broaden and exchange knowledge about life on islands as well as to apply that knowledge to projects aimed at the development of island communities.

The association was founded in March 2014 with its headquarters on the island of Vis and an organizing division in Zagreb, Croatia. It evolved from the activities of an interest group called "Anatomy of an Island" which was part of the "Working for the Fields" association ("Lavurat za poje") from Podšpilje on Vis. 

The association continues to organize symposiums and workshops within the project "Anatomy of Islands 2012-2016" as well as to plan and implement new island development projects.
Mission, vision, and objectives:
The principal goal of the Association is to form an international platform for research and development of island life to actively contribute in affirming the particular values of life on islands.

The need to form an Association was born out of the following facts:
  • Insufficient attention paid to the development of Croatian islands, both at the local and national level;
  • Insufficient production of academic and general knowledge about life on the islands and the absence of systematic application of that knowledge to everyday life;
  • Insufficient international exchange of experience and knowledge about island development;
  • Insufficient awareness of the need to put into practice new development models which will help to maintain the number of people living on the islands.

The purpose of the project is to create interdisciplinary knowledge about islands, island communities, and models of island development, and to transmit that knowledge through various forms of education as well as to apply it to development projects.

If you wish to contribute your knowledge and expertise to the work of the Anatomy of Islands Association, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Members of the Organising Committee: 
Marina Blagaić Bergman, PhD, secretary
Boško Budisavljević, architect, president 
Ana Jeinić, dipl.ing.
Veni Marinković, mag.geogr., secretary
Iva Niemčić, PhD, vice president
Saša Poljanec Borić, PhD
Professor Emeritus Nenad Starc, PhD
Wendy Zečić,  univ.spec.stud.eur.

Members of the Advisory Board:
Tadej Glažar, PhD
Saša Poljanec Borić, PhD
Darko Radović, PhD
Zoran Roca, PhD
Professor Emeritus Nenad Starc, PhD