On Tuesday, 17 November 2015, under heightened security measures due to the tragic events in Paris, "Vis and the Anatomy of Islands" exhibition was opened at the Ecole nationale superieure d'architecture Paris – Val de Seine. It is the new Parisian university quarter located alongside the new National Library.
So far the exhibition was displayed in Zagreb, Graz, Podšpilje, and Vis, and after Paris it will be shown in Tokyo, Ljubljana, and Maribor. Croatian Ambassador in Paris, Mr Ivo Goldstein, attended the opening, as well as Ms Lidija Vizek Mrzljak, the Councillor for Culture at the Croatian Embassy. The exhibition was opened by the E.N.S.A Paris – Val de Seine Director, Mr Philippe Bach, after which professor Laurence Feveile, the exhibition's organiser, addressed the visitors. The author of the exhibition and the president of the "Anatomy of Islands – Centre for Research and Development" association, architect Boško Budisavljević, also gave a brief introduction to the exhibition. After the exhibition Mr Budisavljević gave a lecture on the island of Vis and the student projects which deal with the Vis topics. Among the visitors were also Croatian expatriates living in Paris who are very familiar with Croatia and Vis.
The exhibition is a significant promotion of the island of Vis as a cultural tourist destination as well as a place where the topics of island life are systematically studied at symposiums and solutions suggested for creating new and original projects on the island. The five-year programme of the "Anatomy of Islands" project ends in 2016, and the opening of a Mediterranean Centre for Island Life and Culture is planned for 2017.