Responsible Tourism on the Islands: Towards a Synergy of Tourism and Year-Round Life on the Islands

Call for Participation in the Symposium

It is our pleasure to announce and invite you to participate in the 4th Anatomy of Islands Symposium.

In Croatia, a distinctly insular country with the second most indented coastline in Europe, tourism accounts for nearly 15% of the current national GDP.
Islands are exposed to growing pressures on their space. It is their basic and most significant resource for economic growth, apart from the islanders themselves, which is today almost exclusively directed at tourism. However, the specificity of insularity assumes a very high degree of natural, economic, and social sensibility in the future development of tourism.

Therefore we invite you to an interdisciplinary debate on the development of tourism which would take into account the particular parameters of island conditions and needs. Starting from tourism seasonality as an organisational issue rather than a chosen orientation, we welcome presentations covering a wide range of topics reflecting the core idea of the symposium: responsible tourism transforms the dynamics of seasonality into vitality for island economies, the social sustainability of island communities, and the preservation of island eco-systems.

The aim of this symposium, as well as the student workshop which immediately follows it, is to offer concrete and innovative developmental ideas and solutions. Therefore we invite experts from various fields as well as local government representatives from island communities, representatives of regional and state authorities, associations, and all interested individuals to present their experiences and insights into the present state of island tourism and models for its future development.


Time and place: Island of Vis, towns of Vis and Komiža

  • Arrival – 16 September 2015
  • Departure – 21 September 2015


Application deadline: 15 June 2015




Islands and tourism

-         Islands in local, regional, national, European, and global strategic documents

-         Islands and tourist seasonality

-         New forms of tourist demand and offerings on the islands

-         Examples of good practice in the development of island tourism

-         Connections between an island and the mainland as well as other islands in relation to the development of tourism

-         Innovative inter-insular connections – good practices

-         Participation of islanders in tourism development

-         Island pilgrimages as ancient tourism and tourism as modern pilgrimage


Urban planning and tourism on the islands

-          Heritage in tourism: ethno- and eco-; original/authentic/traditional

-          Programmes for the protection of villages at the local, regional, and national level

-          Ambient value as the basis of tourist offerings

-          Renovation and/or conversion of village architecture for the purpose of tourism

-          Archaeological heritage – restoration potential and interpretation for the purpose of tourism


Secondary residence: a type of tourism and a way of life?

-          Growth in secondary residences on the islands: trends and challenges

-          Secondary residences: a beneficial or an encumbering element of island life and economy?

-          Secondary residences and the transformation of seasonal tourism to year-round tourism

-          Weekenders: from passive enjoyment to promotion of heritage and contribution to development


Contemporary social character of the islands

-          Seasons of the year in the eyes of islanders

-          Social reception of tourists in local island communities

-          Local perception of yachting people

-          Island tourists as locals – examples of good practice


Island architecture in the service of tourism

-          Historic tourist architecture on the islands

-          Contemporary tourist architecture on the islands

-          Island ecosystems and island architecture

-          Conservation and restoration of island buildings and surroundings

-          Tourist offerings as a factor in settlement planning


Ecological sensitivity of island environments

-          Traditional knowledge on cohabitation with nature

-          Ecologically responsible planning of tourism development

-          Multifariousness of islanders and tourist monoculture


Island beaches

-          Beaches as resources – management of island beaches

-          Natural and maintained beaches; beach as a public space with free access

-          "Global beach" as part of tourist offerings including relaxation, leisure, and fun

-          The beach as a "cultural arena", "kaleidoscope of culture"; beach cultures

-          The beach as a part of everyday life, history, traditional practices and a place of identification for island communities



Working languages of the symposium will be Croatian and English. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.



  • Full name of the presenter
  • Name of institution
  • Website (personal or institutional)
  • Phone/mobile number
  • E-mail
  • Type of presentation (individual, panel)
  • Title
  • Technical requirements (PC or Mac, projector, audio)
  • Language of the presentation
  • Presentation abstract (up to 300 words)
  • Short biography (up to 100 words)



Applications are to be sent via e-mail to: info@anatomija-otoka.com

Submission deadline is 15 June 2015. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by 30 June 2014.



Individual presentations will be organised in thematic sessions of 90 minutes. Each presentation will take 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute discussion.



We encourage submissions thematically grouped into panel presentations. A panel presentation should take 90 minutes with 3 to 5 speakers presenting, followed by a discussion. All panel speaker applications (up to 300 words per presentation) should be sent together, along with the title and short description of the panel (also up to 300 words).



Marina Blagaić Bergman, Ph.D.

Boško Budisavljević, MA

Iva Niemčić, Ph.D.

Ana Perinić Lewis, Ph.D.



Marina Blagaić Bergman, Ph.D.

Morana Jarec, MA

Emilija Jončić, MA

Veni Marinković, MA

Antonio Morić Španić, MA

Iva Niemčić, Ph.D.

Jakov Stanojević, MA



Tadej Glažar, Ph.D., Ljubljana

Saša Poljanec Borić, Ph.D., Zagreb

Darko Radović, Ph.D., Tokyo

Zoran Roca, Ph.D., Lisbon

Nenad Starc, Ph.D., Zagreb



NGO "Anatomy of Islands – Centre for Research and Development", Vis



Town of Vis Municipality

Institute of Ethnology and Folklor Research, Zagreb

Institute for  Anthropological Research, Zagreb

NGO "Provislo", Vis

High school "Antun Matijašević Karamaneo", Vis



Information concerning the registration fee, transportation and accommodation on the island of Vis is attached.