Exhibition Anatomija otoka

Vis became an island 12.000 years ago through the rising of sea level. First traces of human settlement date back to early 6th century BC. The organized city-state of Issa was founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BC. This was 500 years before Paris was founded and some 700 years before Diocletian’s Palace in Split was built. The island of Vis was targeted by many conquerors. When the Greeks arrived, the Liburnians were present on the island, and the animosities started with the Illyrian Queen Teuta. Traces of Roman and Byzantine conquest can also be found on the island, and with the arrival of Croats Vis becomes an area of interest for the Venetians. It is attacked by the Ottomans, seized by the French and then the English. Then it comes under the rule of Austria, Italy, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and the SFR Yugoslavia. Today, Vis is finally free.

The “Anatomy of Islands” project was started in late 2011, and with this five-year programme of symposiums and workshops (2012-2016) Vis is one of the few Croatian islands that try to reflect on their future. Combining the scientific research presentations with practical sugges-tions, the project aims to encompass the main areas in the future development of the island. More than 50 presentations were held at the last three symposiums, and 16 projects came out of student workshops offering solutions for various issues the island faces.

Boško Budisavljević,
author of the exhibition