What is "Anatomy of an Island"?

The "Engaging Village Communities" Association started a series of activities aimed at promotion of the Island of Vis on both cultural and touristic plan. A programme titled "Anatomy of An Island" is scheduled for a period of five years. In a series of seminars, each year will cover a relevant topic related to island development. Alongside the symposiums, workshops will be held which will yield in new proposals and projects for given themes.
Alongside "Anatomy of an Island", a new project in cooperation with the History of Art Institute from Zagreb is scheduled - "The urban topography of the Island of Vis" - the production of a monograph of builder heritage of the Island of Vis. The project has a set deadline of five years.
Another standalone project "The Greek Ceramics" exists. It plans to replicate specimens of Greek ceramics discovered at the Island of Vis. The selected artefacts will be sold as souvenirs and gifts for various occasions. Prototypes are already being produced at the civil engineering school of Bedekovčina (the department of ceramics). The quality is supervised by mr. Boris Čargo, archaeologist, Head of museum collection of Vis.

Five year program of the "Anatomy of An Island"
2012. - 2016.

Symposium and workshop themes

Symposium "An Introduction to Anatomy of an Island"
Workshop "New Issa"

Symposium "Urban and architectural development of Vis and Komiža from 15th to 20th century"
Workshop "Sanitation and revitalization of city cores"

Symposium "Villages and fields of Vis - history and future"
Workshop "Self-sustainability of villages and surroundings"

Symposium "The synergy of tourism and everyday life of the Island"
Workshop "New touristic content in the old settlement"

Symposium "The future of an Island - production, education, ecology and renewable resources
Workshop "New Issa - The centre of Island life and culture"