Anatomy of an island 2013 ends

Presentation of student proposals was the closing event of this year's Anatomy of an island...
Presentation of student proposals at the Croatian House Hall on Saturday, 5th October 2013 was the closing event of this year's Anatomy of an island symposium and workshop, held during ten days on island Vis. Students from Japan, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia, under the supervision of professors mentors Tadej Glažar (Ljubljana), Neno Kezić (Split), Davisi Boontharm (Melbourne), Darko Radović and Ko Nakamura (Tokyo) proposed interventions at couple of locations in Komiža and Vis.

The freshness of student visions is supposed to encourage local inhabitants in rethinking parts of Vis and Komiža that have a great potential, but lack initiative. Student proposals addressed neglected vinery in Luka and, also neglected, water tank in Kut. Students designed a "green laboratory", a multipurpose hall, a belvedere and a modern parking lot for the vinery. Water tank is conceived as a "Vis radiostation" that houses places of many different purposes, from a bar to a zen space.

Ex military barracks "Rogači" in Komiža, according to the students, can be revived if turned into a hostel and a youth centre accompanied by a modern warehouse, and "Đardini", i.e. "Limunjak" should be turned into a public space that enables its users to walk among the treetops and pick oranges from above.

After the presentation of student proposals, the association Provislo organized a party at the "Furija" club in Samogor where local deliciod food and drinks, as well as japanese specialites were served.